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A question I get all the time from friends of mine who are trying to transition to a plant-based diet is the one about the vegan breakfast.  As a lover of all things breakfast and brunch, giving up scrambled eggs, toasty bagels with cream cheese and buttery breakfast potatoes caused me actually heartbreak… until I realized that all of my favorite breakfast foods could be deliciously made vegan!  This simple recipe for cheesy miso tofu scramble and garlic-y coconut oil breakfast potatoes is a life saver.  The best part is they are so easy to make and take less than a half hour!  There’s just no beating that. Read More


Salads get a bad rep for being the unsatisfying dinner choice of the guilty eater after a few too many cheat meals.  They are too often resentfully ordered or prepared in an attempt to maintain some sort of order or bodily cleanliness.  I am here to tell you that your salads can (and should) be satisfying, creamy, crunchy, garlic-y, piles of plant-based goodness.  My family uses the abbreviation B.A.S. when referring to a salad so fulfilling and indulgent that it rivals the creamiest, most gooey macaroni and cheese.  This abbreviation stands for “Big Ass Salad” and if there were ever a salad to reign supreme, this Buffalo Tofu salad with garlic-y chick pea croutons and creamy tahini dressing would most certainly take the metaphorical (vegan) cake.   Read More