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This dish was inspired by dinner at a peanut-loving friend’s house the other night.  Our friend, Denver, made us a version of this sweet and spicy peanut tofu and it was all I could think about until I finally sat down to re-create it.

There are so many great things about this dish.  For one, it takes all of 30 minutes to make if you are using your time wisely and if you can halfway multi-task.  Also, it is seriously reminiscent of our favorite peanut Thai dish, Pra Ram, with its thick sweet and spicy sauce.  Any veggies you have in your fridge should work perfectly in this dish and it reheats well and is delicious cold, making it a great left-over option.  The chewy and slurp-able rice noodles are fun to twirl on a plate or in a bowl and do a great job of sopping up any extra sauce so that no drop gets left behind.

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Here it is – the first recipe on the vegan food blog I’ve been dreaming of making!  There was lots to consider while deciding which delicious plant-based meal would be the first.  I thought: should I pay homage to my humble beginnings in the kitchen with a raw salad recipe or one for a super simple stir-fry?  Or maybe it should be an instructional guide to something we eat frequently; a staple in the life of a busy, hungry and food-obsessed vegan couple; like my spicy peanut-tofu or some cauliflower tacos.  Still, as I sat racking my brain and salivating all over the keyboard as I recalled the sweet, spicy, savory flavors of the past, one recipe reigned supreme.  There is no better way to start this blog then with the celebration of two ingredients that infrequently exist in my kitchen without the other.  A food marriage so beautiful and deep that it is impossible to ignore.  A pairing for the ages – sweet potato and black beans. Read More